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Musique et paroles: Timo Kotipelto

Now it is time for you to close your eyes
They've seen much pain it's slowly filling your mind
Pretty as they are but now so pale
You better leave all your worries far behind

Not long ago when you had the fire
Burning inside of you brighter than any flame
You were the one that I believed in
Keeping our hopes up high where are you now?
Where do you aim?

Let me take you there
To the place you know
Why don't you dream with me
The answers will be found

No it is time to open your eyes again
See how all the sorrows have disappeared faded away
I am right here waiting for your call
If you still need me to guide your pace through the day

Let me take...

Remerciements Chikako, du "mailing list" de Stratovarius, pour ces paroles.

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